Wheelchair Accessible Tenerife 2008
by Syd & June Burns 2008

We stayed at the Britannia Inn at Newcastle Airport the night before we flew out. the room was terribly small and the wheelchair facilities were very sparse. However, being there for an overnight it really didn't matter. Up at 5am and on to Thomas Cook Air. Total chaos to get the wheelchair on board and when we did, the seats were that crammed together that we both thought that if animals were being transported with such lack of leg room there would be street protests by the animal right brigade. Eventually we arrived at Tenerife, the worst four and a half hour flight we have ever endured. The moral of the story never, never fly short haul with Thomas Cook.

The Mar-y-Sol was just the same as normal on this our 5th visit. This time we went bed and breakfast and the food was as iffy there as ever, so we had one evening meal and that was enough to tell us to go off the complex and into Los Christianos. The food in the town was great and still reasonably cheap even though the exchange rate was not favouring the British pound. The weather was brilliant and there is not much more to be said that already hasn't been written over the past visits. Except that all the areas, including the beach at Los Christianos had been made nearly 100% wheelchair friendly and the disabled toilets were plentiful. They used the Euro Key system. One key fits all disabled toilets.

Mar-y-Sol bathroom Mar-y-Sol bathroom

June enjoys easy rolling in Tenerife. Syd relaxes

On the last Sunday there, we had the unfortunate occurrence that we were robbed while we slept. Now that is scary. The apartment had a card key to the door, but there was no locks on the inside. This we never noticed until the burglary occurred. We had a safe and all the important things were in that. However when we got up on Sunday morning we found that our MP 3 player and speakers along with a rucksack had vanished. The rucksack held our spare glasses and a UK mobile phone. We spent the best part of the morning in a Spanish Police station. Where we got utmost courtesy and sympathy along with a document to claim off our insurance. The people at the Mar-y-Sol were red faced and could offer no explanation and both June and I were under the impression that a few more apartments had been robbed. So now it is just a claim.

The journey home was equally appalling as the flight out and we arrived back at Newcastle with a drop of 20 degrees in temperature. It was raining as well so the 90 minute drive home was not good.

All in all we had a great holiday when the journey there and back was ignored.

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