Wheelchair Accessible Terrific Tenerife 
Photos & Text by Syd and June Burns

Just back from Tenerife.  From really hot to almost arctic conditions. The holiday was more than we expected and the facilities for the disabled were really astounding. 

We had a great ride to the airport. The flight was just 4 hours by a company called JMC and remarkably comfortable for a charter flight. We were met at Tenerife airport by a wheelchair-adapted van, so the transfer was superb. 

The apartment at the Mar-y-Sol, Los Christianos, (when we found it, you really needed a map and compass) was large with a bedroom, sitting room, fully fitted kitchen, a small porch and two bathrooms. If there was a complaint it was that there were no grab rails in the bathroom and the roll in roll out shower was about 9 inches too narrow, but that was only a minor fault. June soon worked around that.

It was a large complex, having three pools one heated to 90 degrees. That as you may guess was the one that was used most. Hoists were positioned around the pool so it was easy for the disabled to get in and out. There was always a member of staff available to help with the lowering and raising as required. The food was far better than we expected and although we had three meals out, the complex was far superior. Among the facilities provided was a complete unit for many kinds of therapies and alternative medicine. June availed herself of reflexology and I has two massages. We felt very pampered. 

Left: June Burns entered the pool easily with the  hoist.    Left: June Burns confers with swim instructors.

There was a walk along the sea front that we Brits call a promenade. It went through several resorts for a distance of 6 or 7 miles. That created many hours of walking and sightseeing for us both. Excursions were provided for a nominal fee and we availed ourselves to a wild life park that was arguably one of the best we have ever visited. Once again all wheelchair friendly. 

The adapted van was used and it managed to carry 6 wheel chairs, plus the pushers or helpers. The knee room was pretty grim for people with average leg size. I had a define call of the cramps on reaching the park. We had nearly 5 hours there. All the animals had plenty of space and were extremely well looked after. The penguin area was superb.

Normally we have travelling adventures but this was more of a relaxing, walking, sit by the pool with a glass of beer holiday, totally different, totally wonderful. The highlight for June was managing to scuba dive. There was a diving school at the complex which did full scuba diving, to getting quadriplegics into the water and floating them. To see the expressions of joy on the faces of the quads was worth the holiday for just that. June could not strap the tanks on her back so she went tandem with the instructor. I sat on the edge and happily took pictures. Two weeks passed so quickly and it wasn't long before we were buying the perfumes and duty free cigarettes for use at home. The flight back was an hour less, arriving home Tuesday around midnight. We are definitely going back to the Mar-y-Sol later this year. We really couldn't find much to find fault with the complex. 

An instructor helps a guest
experience \the joy of floating. 

We found it was more of a community than a complex. If you wanted to join in activities or be left alone, the choice was yours. I recommend it; I really must if we are going back in October. I never felt being surrounded with various disabilities from Arthritis to quad made any difference to the enjoyment and pleasure. As regards getting into the water, it was easy as you can see in the enclosed picture of June being lowered in.

Essentials for the Mar y sol Tenerife

1 person studios from e40 half board.  The euro is at the moment worth 0.62 to the UK Pound.

The web site is in German but with a very strange English translation. You can book directly with them. We go to a travel agency to book the flight to Tenerife.

Transport  to and from the airport is available in special busses at the following site.  They also have hire of equipment, everything from crutches to big motorised wheelchairs

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