Sheffield, England's Marriott
by Syd & June Burns 2005

Syd and June Burns, of Penrith, England share their insights of the Sheffield Mariott Hotel.

We spent the weekend in Sheffield seeing our son Nick and his family. We have had enough of the faded opulence of the usual hotel we go to so it was agreed that we would stay at the Marriott for the two nights. Double the price but why didn't we do this before? This luxurious hotel provided an oasis of calm, although close to the heart of Sheffield and only a mile from where Nick lives.

The hotel is set in 12 acres of parkland which was amazing in the heart of a big city. I This hotel provided for all our wants with a happy lovely staff. The bars were tranquil and there were lots of folk to get up a conversation.

Returning to the hotel for a shower and change we all met up with Nick and his family and enjoyed a Chinese meal. I think it is my favourite Chinese restaurant of all time. Especially when Nick insisted on paying the bill. What a mess the kids made with their rice and the staff just took it in their stride and indulged them. June and I decided that we would finish the night in the bar of the hotel where there was a disabled loo a couple of yards away. After the kids had gone to bed we departed and stayed the course till after midnight getting involved in a wedding party. It was supposed to be a quiet ending. Around noon on Sunday we said our farewells and headed for the three hour run home. Now this can be a little hairy at time with the amount of traffic. Not this time, a clear run all the way. We made it home with no stress at all. Wonderful.

Now the important bit after my rambling. What about disabled facilities at the Marriott. The public toilets in the hotel were a delight, clean and fully accessible. The disabled room was spacious, comfortable bed, wide doorways throughout. Once again no access to the bath or shower. No wheel in, wheel out shower. Never travelling without our bathboard, it came to the rescue again. The one thing that was remarkable and we have never seen one before was an evacuate chair in the room. It was a chair that would allow the fire fighters to evacuate a disabled person down the stairs. It had wheels and skids. In all we would recommend the Sheffield Marriott to any person with a disability. Bath and shower would have to be worked out.

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