Sheffield, England
By Syd & June Burns

Syd and June Revisit Sheffield where they enjoyed their family and took in some local venues, several which provided superb access..

The Burns family enjoys a picnic.


The Burns' granddaughters give June a hand.

The Burns family enjoys a picnic.


The Burns' granddaughters give June a hand.

IWe decided to visit our son Nick and his  family in Sheffield ,which is 150 miles from the lakes. Here is what happened:

We arrived home yesterday afternoon after a most pleasurable but strenuous time in Sheffield. We left around 10 a.m. on Friday morning and got to Sheffield in really good time. Not a lot of road works on the motorways, and the few that were there with a restriction of 50mph only lasted a couple of miles. The traffic was a lot lighter than normal and statistics show that there is a third less traffic since the start of the credit crunch.

The Kenwood Hall hotel was as money grabbing as usual and like the Marriott would charge you for the air that you breathe if they could get away with it. They bought this hotel from the Marriott a few years ago so have kept up with the history of the place. However, it is a beautiful hotel and the staff are superb.

 We went across to Nick's for the evening on the agreement that as soon as June needed the bathroom we were off back to the hotel. Nick does not have a bathroom on the ground floor so June has given up with other arrangements, which she said were more than demeaning. We were absolutely amazed at the extension they have put on in the last year, complete with a slide into the garden. The basement has been made into a self contained apartment, which alas is not available to June. Jen is definitely the artistic half. We had good fun ending up with a pizza, which is almost a tradition for us on the first night there. We left about 8:30 p.m., which gave us plenty of time to have a drink or three in the bar.

 A good breakfast on Saturday, including black pudding, and then June and I  walked into the city centre. It was 1 1/2 miles down Cemetery Road. We passed the oldest cemetery in the city down a great hill, which did not bode well for the return journey, but June really wanted to try out the new wheelchair. The e-motion worked superbly. We wandered around for a few hours, visiting some major stores before the return trek. I was amazed how efficient the chair was on the return.

Meeting up with all the family, we departed for Chatsworth house. A huge stately home with vast grounds. It is the home of the Duke of Devonshire and is open to the public for a modest fee. Being disabled we parked free and I got in to the grounds free as the carer or as they called it the pusher. June paid the equivalent of $8. The day was so glorious that we never bothered going into the house. That would be a days trip on its own.  It was superb to sit on the grass, have a picnic and then stroll around the vast grounds. Once again I have to rely on June to assess the disabled loo. She said it was superb for space and cleanliness. If there was a fault it was outside the main gate so it could mean a long haul back if you were in the nether reaches of the grounds.  Six o'clock and we had to leave. We all met up a few hours later and had dinner at Noodle Inn. Vast amounts of food, at long tables and really cheap. June said the disabled bathroom was superb.

The noise was really ear bursting but it was fun noise, and if we wanted to talk we also shouted. Lots of banging and clattering. We drank Chinese beer and the kids were terrific. The amount they shifted was awesome. The thing we liked was that although Nick and Jen are veggies the kids eat meat. Yeahhhhhhhh. We all went back to the hotel and had a family party until about midnight. Jen was driving home so she did not participate in the beer and gin. The kids stayed the course and really had a great time.

Sunday was agreed that we would have an early start home as the Blackpool illuminations were on and that part of the country get grid locked. Nicks lot came to see us off from the hotel after having an hour looking around the grounds. We had a good drive home and both thought it was a superb visit.

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