Holiday in Sardinia
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In Sardinia - - Villasimius, there are two adapted flats for disabled people. The residence name is Porto Giunco - Villasimius (Cagliari). The residence is near the sea, (the beach is 50 metres away).The Porto Giunco’s beach is wonderful! White sand and turquoise water! 

Dining Area



Travel Bath Chair

Exterior Residence


The room has a double bed, with 1metre free space around it, a television and air conditioning There are no steps inside. There is a little kitchen in the corner,  and the room overlooks the portico and then a garden. The bathroom did not have the typical aspects of disabled bathrooms, but it was sufficiently large, with free spaces under the lavatory and more than 65 cm near the water closet and a shower without steps. To visit the beach and to go in/out of the sea, you can hire a local personal assistant (6/8 hours per day) to help you. After our experiences, we found them strictly necessary. On the beach, there is a sporting center, where, with a little help, a paraplegic person can go on a catamaran (sail boat), snorkel, and make some excursions with a local boat. In every restaurant, at the moment of reservation, if you indicate that you have a wheelchair, the steps are not a problem. The waitress in the restaurant will be happy to help you.

We had two wonderful experiences at the Ragno Blu Restaurant and Il Giardino

Other information and References

The Agency that offer this really new Residence is Serpentara Viaggi (,), but if you want you can call directly the Residence Porto Giunco, management : Tel (+39) 070 797081 ; (+39) 070 797040;
From Nov To Mar Tel & Fax (+39) 070 506291

The nearest bathing establishment is Delfino Club,.
Tel (+39) 070
797063 ; Fax (+39) 070 791318;

For a Personal Assistant, you can call Massimo Porru (Tel +39 070 8635067 - Mobile +39 348 2880888). He has a little local association that offers this type of service, and you can ask him the price about the services you want. The personal assistant if you want has a car. For a personal assistant (voluntary person) you can call also the AISM in Cagliari   (+39 070 271869).

We usually use a special wheelchair for bath – travel version. The model is č Chameleon made from Borringia. The Italian distribution is  OSD (Ortho Sanit Diffusion), Via Pallodola 19038 Sarzana (SP)  Tel 0187 61171.1 Fax 0187 61171.2  E-mail:

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