Visiting Salisbury Cathedral
James Wainwright  2000  

I live in the Wiltshire area of Southern Britain and want to share the accessible features of the world-famous Salisbury Cathedral, which is located in the lovely town of Salisbury.

Salisbury is blessedly flat and perfect for wheelchair users. An accessible bathroom is situated in the middle of town. Watch for the international access symbol. Also, visit the Tourist Information booth to collect useful pamphlets about the surrounding area, which includes Stonehenge.

The magnificent medieval cathedral in Salisbury is easy to find as its towering spire rises imposingly over the small town. The cathedral, which was largely completed by 1258, gained its lovely spire in 1320.

The area surrounding the cathedral is lush and green and provides the perfect place to picnic on an all-too-rare sunny day.

I easily maneuvered my wheelchair up a ramp into the ancient stone edifice. Once inside, the cathedral provided smooth gliding for me to explore. Everything is either flat or well ramped. The stained glass windows here are spectacular. On a sunny day, the many colors dazzle your eyes.

Any historian will relish the sculpted tombs of long ago knights and heroes that grace the cathedral's interior. The oldest working clock in England caught my attention. Located in the north side of the building, it dates from 1386.

Of course, the most famous historical piece here is the Magna Carta, which is dated 1215.

Whenever I had a question, there was always a volunteer guide available to help

There is a wheelchair accessible bathroom available as well as accessible parking for orange badge holders. When you arrive in the Cathedral Close, you just need to tell the car park attendant that you are a badge holder and he will direct you to the appropriate place.

Tours of the Salisbury Cathedral are completely accessible to wheelchair users, except for the roof and tower tour, which involves climbing 332 steps up spiral staircases.  

Salisbury Cathedral

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