Wheelchair Accessible Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, Rocky Point

Audrey & Yvon Turgeon, of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, built their accessible suite at Rocky Point by using the American Disabilities Act guidelines in conjunction with the Canadian Access guide.

Wheel in shower details: 69 inches wide by 48 inches deep with no curb whatsoever, two grab bars @ 32 inches front and side, adjustable height shower head with six foot hose , 36 inch wide adjustable height shower bench and movable. Vanity sink 23 1/4 inches height  under counter clearance and 36 inches wide clearance for wheelchair accessibility, same dimensions in kitchen area.

The toilet has 4 feet 9 inches side clearance and 31 inches front clearance and grab bars are located back and side at 33 inches height .
All light switches with exception of the bathroom are at 30 inches with electrical switches raised at proper height for ease for persons with disabilities , door handles are all levered , all light switches are lowered as well . The entrance to the accessible suite has a 11/2 rise threshold with a 30 inch ramp into the suite. Breakfast is served in your suite at at a prearranged time .

There is an 8-foot length of Whispa rail over the bed for personal transfer, hoist can be arranged with advanced notice at cost plus, a Hoya lift will not work with the bed configuration unfortunately.

To learn more about Rocky Point view their web site at http://www.rockypoint.bc.ca/ or contact Audrey & Yvon Turgeon at


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