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Fiammetta Draghetti, of Rome, Italy, shares her holiday in Prague, Czechoslovakia  with Marco, her wheelchair-using boyfriend.

I'm happy to write about our holidays in Prague (May 2001) because this town is really wonderful! There's a special atmosphere, and I'm sorry to confirm that there are also many really wonderful girls. My boyfriend was so spellbound that he didn’t control where he was going with his wheelchair!

From a sitting position, the girls’ short skirts invited a big inattention for a boy in a wheelchair, and I would like to break something on the head of my lover. But this is only a little detail that I want to add to my travel description.

First, I suggest choosing a hotel in the town centre, such as where we stayed: the Adria Praha. Visit their website at By staying in the city centre,  you can limit the taxi cost, and in every moment a relaxing stop is possible. This hotel is very nice, exactly in the centre and near the most important tourist sites to visit.

The Adria Praha Hotel has a disabled room, but it is not very large and with a bad view. Still, it is sufficiently comfortable with an adapted bathroom, including a little seat in the roll-in shower. There are also two turn-handles near the water closet.

Note: It's necessary to negotiate and fix the price of every transfer in the town with the taxi drivers BEFORE your transfer. In fact, the price for the same transfer can vary according to the taxi driver you hire.

In the usual tour guides, you can read about the most important historical monuments,  so I won't spend so many words about this type of information, because the following guide reports the accessibility information about tourist sites in the Prague. Visit this website and click on the links to museums, monuments, accommodations, galleries and transport and scroll down to locate the ones displaying  the international wheelchair access symbol.

Just a note: the Prague Castle is partially accessible. In the only bar in the castle, there's a bathroom for disabled people.

The town at the back of Prague Castle has roads not adapted for a wheelchair (too steep and very hard to cover in a wheelchair). I suggest that you visit this part of the town in a typical old open car  rental, which is good for a paraplegic person who can transfer and load his wheelchair in the back. Usually a young and kind driver goes slowly all over the old town and shows you the sites you couldn't visit in your wheelchair. There's a site near the old, famous Astrological Clock of Prague where there are some of these historical old touring cars.

For a wonderful night, I suggest a dinner at the "Perle of Prague Restaurant. It is accessible with a lift and has a wonderful view of the town from a high position. If you like fish, Rybě, located in a little square in the centre is also a very good restaurant.

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