Portland Airport Insights
by Diane Brown

Diane Brown, of Victoria BC, shares her solo adventure at Portland Airport.

Now I have had another adventure that included a cop at Portland International Airport. Ever intrepid, I was attempting to get to my airport hotel by myself with scooter and small bag. I was turned back by my friend the policeman and told I'd have to call a shuttle van. Perhaps I was overreacting, but I was really pissed off at this curb on my independence. Plus the same guy (riding a bicycle inside the terminal!) stopped me the next day and questioned me about where I was going. I do think he was trying to protect my safety, but in the meanwhile he was leaving me without the ability to get there on my own. Portland says it's interested in green, but I had to call a van to come and collect me and my electric scooter.

Anyhow, I wrote and protested all this to the City of Portland. I fear my message has been passed around to just about every official in the entire city. So far I think I've had about five detailed responses, including one from someone in the mayor's office.

This evening I heard from the Port of Portland. This time it is explained to me that there is a way to do it, something the policeman didn't inform me about. Here is the information he sent me:

'For a map showing the airport's multiuse path, please visit http://www.portlandonline.com/shared/cfm/image.cfm?id=181862and you'll see the airport and the NW Marine Drive path I mentioned above. (The new connecting path has not been added to the map yet.) This information plus additional bicycle route maps can be accessed via the City of Portland, Office of Transportation's website: http://www.trans.ci.portland.or.us Select "Getting Around Portland,","Maps" and "Bicycle Maps."

Apparently bike paths are the intended conduit for mobility scooters, not something I would naturally have assumed. I hope this will be of help to other intrepid souls who take on PDX. If they see the cop, tell them to give him my regards.

As as aside, I could add that I rode Portland`s light-rail system MAX easily the first time. The ticket machines are a little tricky, but the train itself was a cinch to use, even for a non-resident like me!

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