Wheelchair Accessible Countryside Holiday Rental, Montcuq, France 

This three-story holiday home, known as a gîte, is completely designed and equipped for disabled people who are either traveling solo or with companions. The wheelchair accessible bedroom and bathroom feature ample maneuvering space, and the bathroom comes complete  with a Jacuzzi bath, accessible shower seat, and an adjustable washbasin. An accessible elevator provides access to all three floors of the home. Visitors can enjoy  the lovely swimming pool, garden and  views of the nearby medieval village of Montcuq. Disabled visitors can use an electric wheelchair within the house or choose to explore the grounds with an electric scooter.

For reservations and further information, visit their website at

or contact:
Georges Alain Clément
TEL / FAX : +33 (0) 5 65 22 95 81
: Calvet@Montcuq.com

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