Wheelchair Accessible Saint Geran Resort  Mauritius
by Fiammetta.Draghetti, 2000    

On Mauritius, we stayed at the Saint Geran Resort - Belle Mare http://www.sunresort.com/geran/

The room had a double bed, with 1,5 metre free space around it , a television, a DVD and air conditioning. There were no steps inside. The bathroom was without typical aspects of disabled bathrooms, but it was very large, with free spaces under the lavatory and more than 65 cm near the water closet. The shower was really big (2x1,5m) and without steps.

There were no steps in any part of the resort. Every site in the resort was without accessibility problems.

Personal Assistant: To go on the beach and to enter in/out of the sea, you can have a local person (6/8 hours a day). We had an assistant to help my boyfriend with the travel-wheelchair for the bath. Sorry, I don't remember how much we paid for him. But after our experiences, we can say that a dedicated assistant is not necessary because in every part of resort there are so many people who can help you.

Activities: With a little help, a paraplegic person can go on catamaran (sail boat) and snorkel. You can also visit some Hindi temples with a local boat and make some excursions to the Botanic Garden or to Port Luis Town. In Port Luis there is also a new Commercial Centre, which is totally accessible.

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