Wheelchair Accessible Maldives Paradise Island Resort
by Fiammetta.Draghetti © 2001  

On Maldive, we stayed at the Paradise Island Resort (15 min from Malè airport). Our tour operator was Cormorano (Tel +39 0564 860309 Fax +39 0564 863848).

Here are the details of our bungalow. The room had a double bed, with 1metre  free space around it, a television, air conditioning. There were no steps inside. The bathroom was without the typical aspects of disabled bathrooms,  but it was very large, with free spaces under the lavatory and more than 65 cm near the water closet. In the little garden of the bungalow, there is a shower with a little step (3 cm) down, but it is not necessary to go into the shower because there is free space near the shower where, if you have a travel-wheelchair for the bath you can clean yourself, and the water can go into the garden (around the garden there is an high wall 1,90 m). We have the bath chair solution on the  website: 

http://www.gomiero.com/shop/prod_scheda.asp?pro_id=397 modello Chamaleon

There are also steps at the bungalow’s door, but the tour operator Cormorano has a wonderful resident manager (Marcello Besson). He is the person who resolved  the step problem by putting two little wooden ramps  at the bungalow doors. One bungalow door opens onto the beach and the other door opens on a little path where you can use to go to the restaurant, bar, shopping center, diving center, massage/fitness center etc).

Every site at the resort is without accessibility problems.

To visit the beach and to enter in/out the sea, the tour operator’s resident manager obtained for us a local person (6/8 h at days) to help my boyfriend with the travel-wheelchair for bath we have. We paid him about 150/200.

Activities: with a little help, a paraplegic person can go on a catamaran (sail boat), and snorkel (the local teacher has a specific acknowledgement to teach disabled people). You can go fishing at night because the boat is very large and adapted for a wheelchair. If you are lucky and catch some local fish, you eat it  at the restaurant. In the evening, you can gamble with people from every part of the world who make bets over an animal-shell race (named pacuro). They  write a number on the shell and play during a song time. The winner is the first shell to cross the goal.

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