Wheelchair Accessible London Holiday
by Syd & June 2009

We arrived back last night totally knackard. It was a great trip except that the weather was dreadful. It was really arctic in London and the Isle of Wight.

We had a good rail trip very fast doing the 300 miles to London in just over three hours. We were on and off the train with the greatest of care and it was a smooth ride. We read, talked, ate and drank; the journey went like a flash.

June surveys the pub.

June surveys the pub.

Arriving at The Union Jack Club we were amazed that the outside stair lift was working ,and we were inside in no time at all, except that the Gurkha who was operating it got himself soaked with the water that had collected on the cover as he removed it. He was not amused to say the least. We decided there and then that we would use the garage entrance instead of asking them to go out in the cold and wet. Situation back to normal.

We had a wander around the South bank of the Thames before having a couple of pints and then to dinner at the club. We had an early night as we were off to the Houses of Parliament and into the shopping area of Oxford Street. Half of Parliament Square was cordoned off by police as the Tamil Tigers were protesting. Now what sort of action England could be in Sri Lanka take beats us but there they were. We had a good look around the shops bought nothing and walked home. We reckon we covered about 6 miles taking in some of the historical sites. An entertaining night at the club and ready for Hampton Court Palace the next day.

Hampton Court in all its glory. As this year is the 500th anniversary of Henry's accession to the throne and all things are geared up to the celebrations. We were lucky that this week was the anniversary also of his marriage to Catherine Parr his last wife. We met them all parading through the palace. A lovely wonderful day and as June was in the wheelchair we really got preferential treatment. The day ended far too soon.

June greets one of Hampton Court's many Henry's.   June in a Hampton Court courtyard.

June greets one of Hampton Court's many Henry's.


June in a Hampton Court courtyard.

Up early next morning and off to Portsmouth harbour by train to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight to meet up with old friend Mavis. It never really worked out as we thought it would. We were three quarters of the way to Portsmouth when the train suddenly stopped and then we were told there was a tree blown on to the line. We sat there for half an hour and then we were told that we would be backing up for 12 miles and then taking a longer route. Eventually we arrived at the ferry 2 hours late but as we had been talking to Mavis by mobile phone all was well. The crew of the ferry were spectacular with June the way they got her aboard. Such care and consideration We met up with all the family and talked the night through.

Saturday June wanted to go model shopping for her dolls houses in an ancient town called Brading. Now as Mavis was with June I declined the Lilliput museum and walked around the town. There were a few steps in to the museum and shop but the staff were out with a ramp and June was in in no time whatsoever. I visited the pub and got involved in taking pictures of a wedding. Great fun and we all met up a few hours later. We went down to the sea front later and it was most bracing to say the least. Horrible in fact.

Sunday all the family went with us to have a look at Osbourne House where Queen Victoria spent her years in mourning after Prince Albert died. Much to our fury the lift was broken and we were not offered any concessions just to see half of the house. So we abandoned that trip. By the sound of it, any one with a disability should call them before venturing there. It appears that it is quite the norm for the lift to be unavailable. Agggghhhhhhhhh. The rain came down steadily so we made a quick dash across the island to a glorious pub where all the expensive yachts are moored. At least the food and drink were fabulous. Really wheelchair friendly. A quiet night, packed and left next morning for home. All went really well and although we were worn out we were home in record time.

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