Liverpool, England
by Syd & June Burns 2005

Ohhhh, what a weekend we had. We left home around six on Friday evening for the 100-mile run down to Liverpool. Ian brought a great heap of fish and chips in so we were well fed and watered.

The weather was atrocious. It was blowing a gale, the rain was hammering down making the motorways a total nightmare. Our speed limit is 70, but you still had the lunatics flashing by doing a t100-plus; they are the ones that never appear to be caught. I just took it steady away arriving safe and sound at the Campanile Hotel on the Dock Road around 8.15.

The wheelchair friendly room was superb and the staff brilliant. All French, Poles and South African students. We relaxed in the bar and amazingly, we talked, talked, talked. As usual, the bath board had to be used as there was no roll-in roll out shower, but there was a tiny bath with a seat built in, different, but unless you could cock your leg over the bath.................totally useless.

Next morning after a great big English breakfast, almost instant heart attack, we walked to the centre of the city. It was dull and overcast but at least it wasn't raining. Liverpool being the City of Culture in a few years time is just one great building site. It was lovely seeing the old city getting a face lift. I was surprised to find out that Liverpool has more museums and art galleries outside of London than any other city in England.

There was plenty going on. We aimed for St John's market which is one of the few places that sells salt cod. Salt cod is the fish that was taken around the world with the sailing ships as the staple diet for the sailors. It used to be as common as muck being the traditional Sunday breakfast in Liverpool. There was only one place selling it. It is not common any more it is gourmet. We did not get a lot spending the equivalent of $50. However, it was well worth it. We visited some large stores and then it started raining again. Luckily, we were just outside Tess Rileys pub, a drinking hole for the older people. Not flash at all serving terrific food and drink. We stayed there an hour or so making it back to the hotel via the Albert Dock. Very trendy, very pricey. We had a couple of pints in Bistro Blue. The seats were amazing. What the designer was thinking about beats me. They were more like small beds. See Sheena sitting on one in the attached picture. By this time we were all pretty knackard with all the walking. I find city walking far harder than doing a few miles in the mountains.

The evening being Guy Fawkes night was alight with fireworks. The dock road was being closed off, so we were lucky getting one of the last taxis down to the Chung Ku Chinese Restaurant. There we met up with my daft niece Lynn and her husband, BP. You could hear them shouting and yelling before they got to through the door. You really get your money's worth with those two.  We had a magnificent banquet ranging from duck, prawns, beef, pork sufficient to keep a war time family of 8 for a month. Ohhhhhhhh. but it was so decadent and splendid. We were overlooking the Mersey watching the fireworks from the Wirral and Birkenhead side supping copious amounts of Chinese beer. On the next table. appeared a bevy of young ladies dressed in next to nothing. I was astounded that so little clothing could cover so much. There were more bellies and bums than I have seen in years. I have seen more clothes worn on a beach in mid summer. Ahhhhhhhhhh, as my mother would have said you will suffer in old age for not wrapping up. There were no taxis to be had, so we did the 25- minute walk back to the hotel. It really was welcoming to have all the food drop. Lynn and BP went home happily singing after they had supped another bottle.

Sunday, once again the weather was horrendous so it was decided after breakfast we would go and see the house were I was brought up and then head home. Happily it was still there. It was built in 1880. A wise choice as we missed all the Blackpool traffic. It was the last night of the "Blackpool Lights". We passed by happily.

Monday we had the joy and pleasure of our flu jabs for us oldies ha. We men somehow have a blunter needle that the women. Mine hurt. Other than that we have just tidied the house and started thinking about where we are going to head off next. Nothing before Christmas I am sure.

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