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Syd & June Burns return to Liverpool to revisit the beloved haunts of their youth and experience the cities' many old and new cultural attractions. While on holiday, they stayed at the wheelchair accessible Beatles-themed Hard Days Night hotel.

The "Love Me Do" suite at the Hard Days Night hotel in Liverpool, England.

The "Love Me Do" suite at the Hard Days Night hotel in Liverpool, England, is
wheelchair accessible.

The train journey to Liverpool was once again uneventful, except that once again part of the trip was in the first class area so we managed to get a few freebies such as the Times and a lovely coffee. It is so nice to be waited on that way, especially for a free upgrade.

The weather in Liverpool was atrocious with high winds, hail and sleet. It made for a very draughty walk from the station. The hotel, Hard Days Night (HDN), was spectacular. Not just for the Beatles theme but the whole layout, which was wheelchair friendly throughout. From the time we got to the entrance of the hotel, there was someone there to help. We were taken to room 122, which was themed “Love Love me Do.” The wheelchair accessible bathroom was spectacular, with only one niggle that the hot water in the hand wash basin was only lukewarm for safety reasons. It appears that some are more disabled that others, and really hot water would be dangerous for them. It didn't help my shaving in half warm water. Learn more about the hotel at


We had a walk around the shops in the city centre, diving in and out of the weather. They certainly have brightened the city up somewhat. We met up in the bar with my niece Lynn and her family to have a Chinese meal at the May Sum, which they really recommended. The price of drink in the HDN was eye watering. It certainly is not a place to get drunk. However, it really was a lovely place to have one or two. We decided that as the May Sum was near at hand we would brave the elements. We were hit by hail stones that really hurt. The May Sum was everything they said it would be, and June said the accessible toilet was pretty good. It appeared that there were coats, etc. barring the passage way, but the toilet itself was really good.

Beatles photos span a hallway at Liverpool's Hard Days Night hotel.

Beatles photos span a hallway
at Liverpool's Hard Days Night hotel.

The food was also really good and the price was right, as much as you can eat and the choices were many. We went back to the HDN and finished the evening off there, till late, very late. The drinks and conversation really flowed.

The next day we went sightseeing. For someone born in the city I never get tired of the museums, art galleries and cathedrals. We really wanted to have a look around the cathedral again on our own without the family with us. The Anglican, which is traditional, is always more appealing to us than the metropolitan, which is a modern concrete construction and known as Paddies Wigwam by it shape. Both cathedrals are wheelchair accessible.

The Anglican was busy with tourists, but we coped well. It is renowned for its food so we had lunch there. Proper Liverpool Scouse is an adaptation of Irish stew. Totally delicious. After lunch the crowd had gone and we were left in peace to walk around and stand in awe at the architecture and majesty of the place. We then got ourselves ready after a few drinks in the hotel bar and headed to the Liverpool Philharmonic to see a concert by three traditional jazz bands. It was old style music and the audience was old time too. The wheelchair places were superb, having a good view, and, of course, the normal reduced prices. We giggled looking across the audience. It was grey or bald heads I would think there was not many under 60 years of age and we were really were enthusiastic. One of the best concerts ever. Getting out of the Phil and trying to get a taxi was impossible. It was either wait or walk. We walked and got soaked to the skin. It was that bad at one stage we took refuge in a McDonalds, had a coffee and a couple of big Macs. Now that is a first for us. The staff was great, seeing us oldies struggle and looked after us well. Not what we expected from a McD. Mind you it was deserted and it was past midnight. We managed a drink at the hotel before calling it a night, or day.

The bar at the Hard Days Night hotel features a  classic Beatles photo mural.

The bar at the Hard Days Night hotel
features a  classic Beatles photo mural.

Wednesday same weather. The wind blew from the River Mersey, chilling everyone to the bone. We are brave and walked down to the Albert Dock to meet up with some old mates from 50 years ago. We all met up at the Pump House pub. What a relaxing place with good food and beer. We met at noon and the rest came by taxi. Once again it was a matter of "what happened to what's his name". Time went so fast that it was nearly five before we split up. A joyous, noisy time.

Then it was off to  see Oklahoma at the Liverpool Empire Theatre. How easy it was to access. Pity about the show; it was dire. The acting and singing were hideous. Some people enjoyed it. English phony American accents and the actors were so wooden. I thought it was me that was being bored, then I looked at June and she was nearly asleep and twitching. At long last the interval came so we fled the scene, hastening back to the HDN. What a relief to sit and quietly enjoy a pint. Made the day. We were made a fuss of by the bar staff as it was our last night, and it was again very late getting to bed.

All went well on Thursday. The sun shone as we expected it would as we were going home. We spent the morning around the shops and the Cavern area where we had our misspent youth during the Beatles era. It brought back a lot of memories. Caught the train home and all was well. A lovely break one to be recommended to anyone. Some people sneered when they heard that Liverpool was the city of culture in 2008. They were wrong to sneer. The city is alive well and still kicking.

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