Chester, England 2010
by Syd & June Burns 2010


Syd & June Burns tour
Chester, England


We are just back from Chester and it was a very good journey, visiting with our old friends, John and Anne. I have never seen the motorways so empty so that was a bonus. It must have something to do with the recession. The weather had been forecast to be pretty horrible, but we were once again very lucky and had sunshine all the way.

We stayed at the Ramada Inn. and  it was a 4 star hotel and had a wheelchair friendly room. It was booked as dinner bed and breakfast. What a let down. The room was tiny even by Brit standards, having no drawers or wardrobes. The only place to hang your clothes was on a rod that stuck out of the wall. We questioned what we thought was a possible rip-off but we were told that was the way it was. Chester was packed as the annual races were on so we decided we would stay. We are glad we did as everything else was superb. The bar, leisure club and the food were really good. The staff were wonderful even if they did get a load of stick from us oldies. We sat around and did the usual thing of what happened to what's his name, and then got ready for a trip to the zoo on Wednesday.

We asked for a taxi at 10 a.m. and found that all the black cabs in Chester have ramps. We asked for a vehicle that would take two wheelchairs, and sure enough that is what arrived. Terrific service and it didn't cost a lot. Needless to say. we used that taxi company  on all the travels we did.


Chester's 12-th century Cathedral

The zoo was everything we thought it would be, stretching for what must be a few square miles. The animals were well cared for and it was easy to put a full day in. We got concessions for the pusher and pushee, making it a really cheap day. Especially when they made a further concession for being pensioners. The whole place was wheelchair friendly with plenty of food and drink. There was even a pub. Wonderful. Returning to the hotel around 5 p.m. we had a full day. Showered, changed and another great dinner. We stayed talking till midnight with a few drinks and then it was out again for a trip around Chester. A great shopping experience, and although it is Tudor/Victorian with all the shops in two tiers, quite a lot were wheelchair friendly. Even the Roman wall was accessible in places--now that is a bonus. We had lunch in the Slug and Lettuce pub, which was so good we stayed a couple of hours. The conversation never stopped, nor did the pints of bitter. We ended the day in the cathedral, which really if you have seen one you have seen them all. However, this was small, compact and was started in the 1100s.

 Back to the hotel for another good meal, a drink and bed, and then at about 10'clock Friday morning we were off home. The rain was lashing down, making driving very difficult on the motorways. I was really glad to get home.




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